OMG! An ARE Testing Blackout This July 2013!

January 15th, 2013

NCARB will be adding to a new vendor for testing purposes and they will be overhauling the MyNCARB interface. In the process there will be a blackout of services that includes access to MyNCARB and more importantly to testing.

Read about it here at the latest December 2012 ARE e-News. (This is not the same link as the IDP e-News from my last post.) This is a big deal. Read up and prepare yourself now.

First find out if this affects you. If it does, see what you can do to avoid this from having an impact on testing and achieving your architectural license. If you are unable modify your actions to avoid an impact, then reach out to NCARB and your State Board to see what alternatives or exceptions are available to you. Begin the process early to have an understanding and to avoid stress.

Good luck on your architectural registration exam.

Here is another NCARB link on the new exam vendor Alpine Testing Solutions.

Weekly IDP Reporting Method

January 14th, 2013

NCARB has published the latest December 2012 IDP e-News online and in it they have introduced some very helpful news.

The biggest news is a new weekly experience recording method. So if you haven’t logged on to your IDP record recently, this is a good reason to log on and check out the new interface option. This sounds like a very good method to help some of you stay on top of recording hours. Having a weekly interface format maintains a memorable time range to help interns stay on top of their experience.

This seems like really good customer service by NCARB. On the December 2012 IDP e-News page there is a link to a video describing the new interface and another link to step-by-step instructions for logging IDP experience, that may be helpful for you. (I couldn’t get the video to work, but maybe you can.)

Also here is a post on the AREforum, Dec. 2012 IDP e-News: New weekly reporting option, that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this new method. Check it out and weigh which recording option is best for you.

Good luck on your next architectural registration exam!

Did I pass Building Design and Construction Systems?

October 22nd, 2012

Did you pass your last exam?

Yes. Yes I passed my last architectural registration exam, Building Design and Construction Systems.

Why didn’t you post this sooner?

I was freaking out for two reasons. First reason was I really remembered a lot of my last exam. I didn’t post anything to safeguard against posting exam content. I remembered it so well because I thought I might have to retake the exam in the future. Thankfully I didn’t need to remember all that stuff, because I passed.

Ok, and what was your second reason?

Second reason was I wasn’t licensed. New York State Office of the Professions wrote me a letter that I had to update my application. They said it was because my application had been on file for a certain time period and hadn’t been updated. This was probably standard procedure to check for changes like a new address, or name change, or who knows. If an application is on file for a long period of time that makes a lot of sense to update the application before providing a license to practice architecture. Still I was concerned and didn’t want to post anything at all that might further delay my architectural license. So those are the two main reasons why you didn’t hear from me.